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Innovative natural solutions for profitable and respectful breeding

Since 2013 France Aliplus has been developing, manufacturing and distributing its French natural solutions, for breeding that respects animals, nature, consumers and breeders.

France Aliplus Services :

Research, manufacture, distribution, advice

Ruminant nutrition and prevention in breeding, since 2013

CREATED in 2013 by a FRENCH BREEDER the firm FRANCE ALIPLUS INVENTS, MANUFACTURES AND DISTRIBUTES new innovative TECHNICS, NATURALS, PROFITABLES AND RESPECTFULL for ruminants NUTRITION and PREVENTION in ruminants breedings. France Aliplus it is a RESEARCH and manufacturing center for breeders’ solutions between breeders (dairy cow feed, fattening cattle feed). It is a PILOT FARM where all the techniques proposed are first of all tested for their real effectiveness, profitability, harmlessness and long-term benefits for animals, soils, plants and the environment. It is also, A COMMUNITY of thousands of BREEDERS all ruminants – all productions – who have been using solutions between breeders on a daily basis for almost 10 years ON approximately 400,000 ANIMALS DAILY and who participate in the development of our programs.

High-end, cost-effective innovative nutrition

The products offered and manufactured in France by France Aliplus are centered on INNOVATIVE NUTRITION IN SHORT CIRCUITS, ANIMAL WELFARE, PRODUCTION QUALITY , PROFITABILITY OF BREEDING. Exclusively inspired by the real needs of livestock, our solutions are inspired by the specific biology of ruminants and aim to use at their maximum, farm or local resources.

Prevention by plants, minerals, nutrition

LIVE NUTRITION, optimizes MICROBIOTE and METABOLISM, while top of the range PLANTS and MINERALS, OPTIMIZES IMMUNITY. Systemic pathologies are decreasing. France Aliplus solutions are tested: on the pilot farm and on our reference farms. It has shown their contribution to animal well-being, to the quality of production and their positives effects on the cycle: animal, soils, plants

Nouvelles techniques en rations et conservation

France Aliplus techniques contributes to better animal production, and it also simplify and secure the work of breeders. Tasks of RATIONNING and DISTRIBUTION falls, STORAGE and LONG CONSERVATION of the feed SONT ARE EASIYER, and new EXCLUSIVES TECHNIQUES such as the PROTECTION of SILAGES under increased aliplused cereals are now possible

nutrtion/prévention solutions

• Field solutions from farms
• Meet the needs of breeders and animals
• Meet market expectations

nutrition/prévention solutions

• Suitable for all ruminants
• Efficient on all productions
• For farms of all sizes

nutrition/prévention solutions

• Tested on the France Aliplus pilot farm
• On our reference farms for all productions
• Marketing of efficient solutions

nutrition/prévention solutions

• Implementation of solutions in your farm
• Advice from the France Aliplus breeders team
• Information meetings and training between breeders

Field level solutions designed by independent breeders

France Aliplus, it’s the COMMITMENT TO BRING breedings PRODUCTS all COMMING from FIELD RESEARCH, totally independent, STARTING FROM THE REAL NEEDS OF THE BREEDERS and responding to the problems identified and known by all the breeders. It’s the COMMITMENT to only offer SOLUTIONS tested in farms and RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR EFFICIENCY AND THEIR PROFITABILITY. No gadget and no unnecessary, unprofitable or insecure expense will ever be offered to you by France Aliplus.


French products invented here

Each of our products is designed by us, with different specialists (biologists, soil life, plants, nutritionists). Our CARDINAL OBJECTIVES are : ANIMAL WELLFARE, SYNERGY, BEETWEEN ANIMALS, SOILS, PLANTS, PROFITABILITY,RESPECT of the ENVIRONNEMENT and of the BREEDERS, the high QUALITY of ANIMAL PRODUCTIONS .


Propose pdoducts made in France

France Aliplus promotes FRENCH PRODUCTS . It is THE GUARANTEE of manufacturing in STRICT COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS, in a shortening of production circuits and with BETTER TRACEABILITY. It is LESS IMPORTATIONS and less pollution, and it is a more circular economy which CONTRIBUTES TO THE WEALTH OF THE TERRITORIES.


Advice and efficiency monitoring

With NEAR OF 10 YEARS of use IN THOUSANDS OF LIVESTOCKS (all ruminants & productions) of ALIPLUS NUTRITION, of ALIMAYA MINERALS and of PLANTS ALIPLANTES, we have a perspective on the effectiveness and WE ADVISE YOU on a follow-up basis to BETTER GUARANTEE YOUR OWN SUCCESS in your farm regarding your goals.


Information and sharing of results

Thanks to the feedback from our pilot breeding, and in the numerous reference breeding farms and in the thousands of user farms, WE ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING MORE for theOPTIMIZATION OF BREEDING RESULTS. We’re discovering always new techniques and ADVANTAGES OF OUR METHODS of wich YOU ARE THE. FIRST TO BENEFIT.

Direct and indirect effects observed with France Aliplus techniques

• France Aliplus pilot farm
• Bio-inspired living nutrition
• Cycle animals, soils, plants

Our programs are based solely on the field level research of France Aliplus breeders, their knowledge and observation of the animals and their needs. Our products, bio-inspired by ruminants, are implemented and tested on our pilot farm and in our reference farms for cattle, sheep, goats, meat and dairy production. The quality of the final productions are evaluated at the transformation for the satisfaction of merchants and final consumers

France Aliplus, natural techniques for the health of all livestock

For Samuel Michaud (breeder established since 1995, founder of France Aliplus in 2013) WE MUST research and CHOOSE NATURAL TECHNIQUES, RESPECTFULL of environment, of ANIMAL HEALTH and of PRODUCTIONS QUALITY, and that also RESPECTS THE BREEDER’S WALLET and profitability. Thus, the techniques proposed by France Aliplus preserves the health of the animals and the cycle animals, soils and plants, which constitutes the richness of the farm in the long term and guarantee a high quality of the productions. And so, OUR METHODS ARE always SELECTED FOR THEIR PROFITABILITY for the beneffit of the breeder. France Aliplus, calls those techniques : the SENSICULTURE. GOOD SENSE & SMART AGRICULTURE with respect for the environment, in line with conservation agriculture and living soils.

Pilot farm, livestock health and ecology

By SENSICULTURE’s techniques, we DIRECTLY IMPROVE HEALTH of ANIMALS, of SOILS, of PLANTS. The costs of nutrition and veterinarians are reduced, mechanization is reduced and labor is saved while BETTER PRESERVING THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT . In our pilot farm: no chemical fertilizers, no soya meal cake or industrial feed, and mainly plant-based treatments.

Sensiculture: a virtuous circle for animals, soils, plants

By SENSICULTURE, with live nutrition and living soils, and through the drastic minimization of chemistry ANIMAL, SOIL, PLANT SYNERGY, becomes a virtuous circle. Man intervenes less in natural processes while PRODUCTIONS ARE INCREASING in terms of QUALITY and in VOLUME. Those PRODUCTIONS ARE PARTICULARLY SUITABLE FOR DIRECT SALE, and also are REMARKED BY MERCHANTS.

Matching consumer expectations

SENSICULTURE makes it possible to provide consumers and markets with direct (dairy products, meat products) or indirect (vegetables, fruits, on soil in sensiculture) which correspond to both expectations and contemporary needs of: TASTE QUALITY and more NATURAL HEALTHY PRODUCTS and PRODUCTIONS that BETTER RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT. .

health / quality / profitability

• Acidosis suppression, animal health
• Condition, smooth and shiny coat
• Calm, well-being, homogeneity

health / quality / profitability

• Held dung, durable litter
• Decreased ammonia & respiratory problems
• A healthy humus conducive to soil life

health / quality / profitability

• No chemical fertilizer
• Botanical richness of the meadows
• Healthy, nourishing fodder

health / quality / profitability

• Healthy animals, healthy productions
• Better carcass & meat yields
• Great meat quality

health / quality / profitability

• Quantity / quality of dairy products
• High and balanced rates (TB / TP)
• Low cells valued milk

Promote the production of independent agriculture

EUROPEAN AGRICULTURE and LIVESTOCK are among the BETTER, THE MOST RIGOROUS and secured IN THE WORLD. By SENSICULTURE techniiques, we FURTHER INCREASE both directs PRODUCTS QUALITY (meat, milk) and indirect products of sensiculture. and we also LOWER THE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT. Producers has TO MAKE KNOW the quality of his work BY INFORMING as much as possible CONSUMERS

• Transform our farm products
• Develop direct sales in short circuits
• Bringing agriculture closer to consumers

The superior quality of the productions of Aliplus system farms and their adequacy to the societal and environmental expectations of consumers. Allows producers in Aliplus to raise awareness of their products, their profession and the challenges of independent agriculture

Consumers likes the products of sensiculture

The TASTE QUALITY the HEALTHY PRODUITS more NATURALS and more RESPECTFUL of ENVIRONMENT provided by our NUTRITION / PREVENTION techniques fully correspond to CONSUMERS ‘EXPECTATIONS. For better MAKE KNOW VIRTUES of those PRODUCTIONS, to reach more audiences, and for PROMOTE the DIRECT SALE of FARMER KNOW-HOW, France Aliplus has developed within the Group, its FARM RESTAURANTS “Du Côté de Chez Sam”, its FARM SHOPS “Ma France Nature” directly from producers, and its brand of fresh products “Ma France Nature” and its ready meals “Les Cuisinés de Chez Sam”.

Manage product transformation

Processed IN OUR LABORATORIES and CUTTING WORKSHOP,, Ma France Nature now offers in 3, and soon in 5 BOUTIQUES DE FERME, its own cooked products, ITS ARTISANAL RECIPES of farm-cooked meats, its great beef, its dishes “Les Cuisinés from Chez Sam ”and many other artisanal products

“Du Côté de Chez Sam” Restaurants

Opent SINCE JUNE 2020, our 1st RESTAURANT Neo-Paesant “Du Côté de Chez Sam” REGALED DOZENS OF THOUSANDS OF GUESTS. They were able to taste the quality of the products of the sensiculture and more generally the know-how of the local independent producers. Since JUNE 2021, a 2nd RESTAURANT PAESANT has opened in Auvergne

Farm shops “Ma France Nature”

FARM BOUTIQUES “Ma France Nature”, offer the public natural and local products from sensiculture farms.FARM AND , LIVESTOCK, MARKET PRODUCTS – RAW, SEMI-FINISHED OR COOKED. Shops where our “super natural farm productions” meets CONSUMERS IN SEARCH OF AUTHENTICITY

transform add value to product

• Promote independent agriculture
• Direct sale in short circuit
• Promote healthy products

transform add value to product

• Farm restaurants-shops
• Sell our producer brands
• French local products in sensiculture

transform add value to product

• Great French beef
• Processed in our workshops
• Sensiculture breeding

transform add value to product

• Permaculture / sensiculture products
• Aromatics and vegetables from our gardens
• In short and seasonal circuit

transform add value to product

• Dairy productions in sensiculture
• Raw or semi-finished products
• Cream, butter, cheese

Sensiculture & France Alplus in some pictures

Some video testimonials

At the exit of Chez Sam's restaurant

Butcher Dr cutting workshop

A gourmet talks about meat in Aliplus

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