• Exceptional technical results
• Weight increase & carcass quality
• Rising rates, falling cells

With Aliplus, top-of-the-range cattle nutrition, the ration and the metabolism are optimized and the result is noticed very quickly by the breeders. The animals are remarked by the professionals; and in milk, we see an increase in quality and a decrease in losses. In meat, the fattening times are reduced, the ADGs, the weight and the quality of the carcasses are increased. Aliplus makes it possible to produce more and better for less. It’s more ecological, it’s more economical

The Aliplus formula targets 10 technical objectives

The 14 components of the Aliplus formula provide cross effects in the cereals and the ration and in the rumen. The 10 TECHNICAL OBJECTIVES of Aliplus: pre-biotics, probiotics; rumination, salivation; calm of animals; increase in the nutritional values of cereals; metabolism, immunity; quality and quantity of productions; and more… make it possible to tend to protein autonomy, to increase the quantity and quality of production and to lower feed costs. THE ALIPLUS FORMULA IS BIO-INSPIRED BY RUMINANT IT RESPECTS THEIR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

Aliplus premium cattle nutrition.
The 4 key points of the Aliplus concept:

1 / Transform inexpensive local cereals into very high-end food, without acidosis

2 / Bio-inspired by the ruminant, optimizer of the rumen and all animal metabolism

3 / Optimizes the production of milk and fattening farms, in quantity and quality

4 / Optimizes the entire livestock economy by lowering costs and increasing margins

For all ruminants

Aliplus specifically profiled for all ruminants to optimize rumen functioning. Suitable FOR ALL CATTLE, all breeds, SHEEP, GOAT,, and other ruminants

For all production

Through metabolic optimization and non-limiting nutritional contributions, ALIPLUS WORKS on the QUALITY OF PRODUCTS in MILK and FATTENING as well as on the quantities produced

With all cereals

Aliplus authorizes , VERY ENERGY RATIONS WITHOUT RISK OF ACIDOSIS, à base de WHEAT, TRITICALE, CORN on the cob or grain, PROTEAGINOUS and others depending on local availability

+ fibers: straw/hay

THE SUPPLY OF FIBER (at will next to aliplused cereals, or integrated into the ration), IS ESSENTIAL for the proper DEVELOPMENT of RUMEN MICRO-ORGANISMS

Aliplused cereals, top-of-the-range cattle nutrition

L’CEREAL OPTIMIZATION with partial hydrolysis of starch and cellulose, (nitrogen supply)by ALIPLUS system, brings ANIMALS TO EXPRESS ALL THEIR POTENTIAL NATURALLY. The SUPPRESSION OF ACIDOSIS (anti-acidosis nutrition) allows in the RATION VERY LARGE QUANTITIES OF ALIPLUSED CEREALS in a safe manner (3 to 8 kg for milk production, and ad libitum for fattening). In addition, certain components work on RUMINATION, SALIVATION, CALM, and TRANSIT. Their metabolism is well respected, animals have all their energy to produce more and better.

Principle: feed rumen bacteria

With its VERY HIGH AND PERFECTLY BALANCED NUTRITIONAL VALUES (UF, PDIN, PDIE) the aliplused cereals is the dream feed of all rumens. The PREBIOTIC / PROBIOTIC effects of ALIPLUS therefore allows a VERY IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT OF BACTERIA in the RUMEN (rumen fauna and flora). This development takes place , THANKS to ALIPLUSED CEREALS , and also THANKS TO FIBERS (straw, hay) which become the physical support for the proper development of bacteria in the microbiota. The ruminant is the only mammal capableof EXPONENTIALLY MULTIPLYING THESE GOOD BACTERIA. They are then digested in the intestines and constitute the ALIMENT the more PROFITABLE, ECOLOGICAL AND NATURAL FEED that a ruminant can have.

Feed with high dietary values

Valeurs alimentaires des céréales aliplusées (exemple mélange blé/orge)
Essais de l’Institut de l’Élevage & INRA

Valeurs en

Valeurs à J-0

Valeurs (moy) de J+14 à J+120

MS (en %)



MS (%MS)



DE1 (%MS)



UFV (/Kg MS)



PDIN (g/Kg MS)



PDIE (g/Kg MS)



The use of a simple local cereal, inexpensive, gives a very high-end balanced and safe food, totally in line with the needs of the animals. Without Aliplus the cereal cannot be distributed alone and especially not in large quantities. After aliplusage the cereal has a high nutritional value, without risk of acidosis.

Very well balanced nutritional values

Équilibre des valeurs nutritionnelles

UF = 1,17

PDIN = 117

PDIE = 116

Valeurs nutritionnelles hautes et parfaitement équilibrées

The aliplused cereal is the dream food of all rumens. Its nutritional values are high and perfectly balanced (UF, PDIN, PDIE). Through its prebiotic qualities, it becomes the support for the development of rumen flora and fauna which constitutes the best, healthiest and most natural feed for ruminants.

High technical results

The Concept ALIPLUS RESPECTS THE NATURAL FUNCTIONING OF RUMINANT, resulting in EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS IN PRODUCTION and a remarkable general state on all metabolic criteria. Aliplus nutrition works on the natural capacities of ruminants to OPTIMIZE their METABOLISM while RESPECTING THEIR BIOLOGY. This is why, in addition to giving exceptional results in terms of quantity and quality of production, the ALIPLUS CONCEPT INDUCES multiple POSITIVE EFFECTS on HEALTH and WELL-BEING of ruminants while lowering additional costs. In addition to the welfare of the animals, there is generally also a WELL-BEING OF THE BREEDER who sees the good condition of the animals while he notices a drop in loads and a drop in work volume with in parallel an increase in production.

The ideal feed for rumen optimization

Life nourishes life in a virtuous and natural chain. With LIVE NUTRITION ALIPLUS (prebiotic / probiotic effects) promotes this elementary process which allows the CASCADED FLOURISHING OF LIFE IN ALL THE BIOLOGIC CHAIN. The aliplusée cereal becomes the support for a strong development of the rumen fauna and flora. This LIFE in CEREALS then in the RUMEN, then continues in MANURE, in LITTERS (healthier and livelier slurry much less ammoniated, therefore less odorous and less irritating), then in SOILS and the PLANTS

Résultats courants pour des bovins à l'engraissement

GMQ moyen



+1/3 de classe EUROP

Durée d'engraissement

-30 à -40 jours

Kilos de carcasse


Kilos de viande


Qualité de carcasse

Haut de gamme

Qualité de viande (technique)


Qualité de viande (gustative)


The aliplusage of a simple cereal produces a very high-end, balanced and safe feed, totally in line with the needs of the animals. The cereal which without Aliplus cannot be distributed alone and especially not in large quantities becomes after Aliplusage the dream food of all nutritionists and especially all rumens

Résultats courants en bovins lait




jusqu'à 34


jusqu'à 41



The aliplused cereal is the dream food of all rumens. Its nutritional values are high and perfectly balanced (UF, PDIN, PDIE). Through its prebiotic qualities, it becomes the support for the development of rumen flora and fauna which constitutes the best, healthiest and most natural feed for ruminants.

Profitable cattle nutrition. Ideal, cheaper, much more advantageous

ALIPLUS ALLOWS to “PRODUCE BETTER AND MORE FOR LESS”.. There are many direct and indirect benefits

  • Have a very high-end food that is much cheaper than those on the market;
  • Make your own food on the farm by making better use of your cereals or local cereals;
  • Save on drying in the handling and transport of your cereals;
  • Save health costs, cost and labor of administering additives;
  • Save straw, and mulch labor;
  • Save food losses (better food yield);
  • Add value to your meat production (reduction in fattening times, carcass and meat yield, meat quality);
  • Add value to your dairy production (increase in rates, increase in production, decrease in cells) …

Contact us to get a financial projection for your breeding

Coûts comparés Céréales aliplusées (blé à 180€/T) / Aliment commerce

1 tonne de blé (180€) +Aliplus +Process broyage/mélange

209,00€/T brute

Coût 1 tonne d’aliment du commerce équivalent

370,00€/T brute

Comparatif Céréales aliplusées (Coût production blé 85€/T) / Aliment commerce

1 tonne de blé (85€) +Aliplus +Process broyage/mélange

126,00€/T brute

Coût 1 tonne d’aliment du commerce équivalent

370,00€/T brute

The aliplused cereal is the dream food of all rumens. Its nutritional values are high and perfectly balanced (UF, PDIN, PDIE). Through its prebiotic qualities, it becomes the support for the development of rumen flora and fauna which constitutes the best, healthiest and most natural feed for ruminants.

TOP Results Aliplus in some figures

In beef cattle

ADG up to 4kg in Charolais

Great results in terms of quality and quantity of meat. In aliplused cereals at will nutrition, we obtain top ADGs even with “0 soya cake”. The fattening times are reduced by 25 to 50 days

At fattening

ADG up to 3kg in Prim Holstein

We also see a gain in classification, weight and carcass quality as well as carcass yield. The quality, parsley and marbling of the meats are remarkable

Dairy cows

Milk up to 42kg in Prim Holstein

Exceptional performance: increase in current rates (TP 34, TB 41), and TP TB up to 37 and to 48. Increase of milk production with reduction or suppression of cakes.

Milk production

Up to 34kg with Zero soya cake

In milk, we see the decrease in feed costs, the decrease in cells and common pathologies. Health and veterinary costs drops down significantly

User farms

400.000 Animaux/jour

Aliplus is specifically designed for ruminants and is suitable for cattle of all breeds, sheep, goats and more… 400,000 animals eat it every day

• Making Aliplus feed on the farm
• Storage of aliplused cereals
• Distribute your aliplused rations

With Aliplus, high-end cattle nutrition for your animals is simple and secure. The aliplusage of your cereals is carried out on the farm by you or by an external service provider (contact France Aliplus). The aliplused cereals are stored and preserved very easily, without degradation and without loss, for a year or more. Dry, semi-wet, wet rations and all cereals and silages can be used with Aliplus

Use of Aliplus in your farm

For all ruminants and all productions

ALIPLUS LIVE NUTRITION IS VERY HEALTHY and specifically designed for ruminants. It is therefore SUITABLE FOR ALL CATTLE, SHEEP, GOAT: calves from 30 days old, heifers, dairy, sucklers, wolves, JB, cull cows etc … You can distribute the SAME BASES OF RATIONS in quantities adapted to ALL YOUR ANIMALS by drawing in the same heap of aliplused cereals.…

With all cereals and for all rations

Depending on the availability of the farm or local, the ALIPLUSED CEREALS are composed of – WHEAT, TRITICALE, BARLEY, OATS, CORN GRAINS (wet or dry), RYE, SHOULDER, PEAS, METEIL, or by-products of cereals (and all raw materials based on starch and / or cellulose), fine crushed or flattened – mixed with Aliplus (1 bag of 22kg / tonne of cereals).

Distribution according to your usual means

The rations are distributed by your usual means (mixing bowl, bucket …). To the aliplused cereals are added fibers (straw or hay) incorporated into the mixtures or alongside. ALL RATION TYPES (dry, semi-wet or wet) WORK GREAT WITH ALIPLUS. ALIPLUS. The important production that we know with Aliplus requires attention to minerals.

Depending on availability, it is possible to increase: wheat, barley oats, grain corn (wet/dry), triticale, rye, spelled, peas, meshes, or cereal by-products (and all starch-or-cellulose based materials), crushed – mixed with Aliplus).

Depending on your production, your rations will consist of: Aliplused cereals (from 4kg to 15kg and more). It can contain silage. Des fourrages grossiers (paille ou foin). Adapted CMV supplements. Aliplus is suitable for all your ruminants: from 30 days old.

Aliplused cereals can be prepared for several months or even a year in advance and can be stored without loss of quality. They are stored under building without tarpaulin. You then prepare all your rations for all ruminants with the same base.

The rations are distributed by mixing bowl or by your other usual means. Mix everything together evenly. Depending on your type of ration, you can feed your animals up to once a week (dry ration) saving labor, or daily (wet ration).

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