• Simple and respectful implementation
• Easily adapts to your breeding
• Quickly visible results

With Aliplus, the ration and the metabolism are optimized and the result is noticed very quickly by the breeders. The animals are noticed by the professionals. With aliplus in dairy cattele feeding, we see a rise in production, rise in rates and drop in cells. With Aliplus as for fattening feeding, these are high ADGs, increased weight and carcass and meat yields. Aliplus makes it possible to produce more and better for less. It’s ecological and economical

Simple and profitable high performance aliplus cereals for livestock farming

Aliplus is a SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, EFFICIENT AND VERY PROFITABLE CONCEPT. The results are fast for all types of rations, all ruminants, all productions. ALIPLUS provides a VERY TOP-OF-THE-RANGE FEED,, based on local cereals, offering MULTIPLE ADVANTAGES in HEALTH, PRODUCTIVITY and in breedings PRODUCTS QUALITY. Your FOOD COST VERY LOWER than the cost of store-bought foods for SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER BENEFITS and will allow you to produce more, by CONCENTRATING RATIONS WITHOUT RISK OF ACIDOSIS* (* Warning: take advice from Aliplus breeders), for the good success in your breeding), FRANCE ALIPLUS BREEDERS SUPPORT YOU in the implementation of this nutrition (composition & optimization of rations according to available inputs, distribution, monitoring of results).

Implementation of Aliplus in your farm

Aliplus breeders are with you for the transition and over time


Calculation of the ration and transition

Depending on your objectives and the cereals available at the farm or locally, FRANCE ALIPLUS BREEDERS OFFER YOU AN OPTIMIZED RATION. You define your nutritional transition together


Manufacture of aliplused cereals

The manufacture of aliplusées cereals is done IN YOUR FARM, by YOUR OWN RESOURCES, OR BY SERVICE PROVIDERS The aliplused cereals are simply stored


Monitoring of results on your farm

With thousands of users (400,000 ruminants fed daily with Aliplus) we, TOGETHER FOLLOW YOUR RESULTS to ADJUST YOUR RATION IN AN OPTIMUM WAY


Long-term free support

The Aliplus breeders follow you and ADVISE you ON THE DURATION according to ÉVOLUTION of your production, of the cereals available, of your objectives and of the RESULTS OF YOUR BREEDING

• Making Alipus feed on the farm
• Storage of aliplused cereals
• Distribute your aliplused rations

Aliplus cereals are a high performance feed they are used in cattle feed and all ruminants, in cow feed, in dairy feed, in fattening feed and the nutrition of your animals is simple and safe. The aliplusage of your cereals is carried out on the farm by you or by an external service provider. The aliplusées cereals are easily preserved, without degradation and without loss, one year or more. Dry, semi-wet, wet rations and all cereals and silages can be used with Aliplus

Use of high performance Aliplus cereals in your farm

For all ruminants and all productions

ALIPLUS LIVE NUTRITION IS VERY HEALTHY and specifically designed for ruminants. It is therefore SUITABLE FOR ALL CATTLE, SHEEP, GOAT: calves from 30 days old, heifers, dairy, sucklers, wolves, JB, cull cows etc … You can distribute the SAME BASES OF RATIONS in quantities adapted to ALL YOUR ANIMALS by drawing in the same heap of aliplused cereals.…

With all cereals and for all rations

Depending on the availability of the farm or local, the ALIPLUSED CEREALS are composed of – WHEAT, TRITICALE, BARLEY, OATS, CORN GRAINS (wet or dry), RYE, SHOULDER, PEAS, METEIL, or by-products of cereals (and all raw materials based on starch and / or cellulose), fine crushed or flattened – mixed with Aliplus (1 bag of 22kg / tonne of cereals).

Distribution according to your usual means

The rations are distributed by your usual means (mixing bowl, bucket …). To the aliplused cereals are added fibers (straw or hay) incorporated into the mixtures or alongside. ALL RATION TYPES (dry, semi-wet or wet) WORK GREAT WITH ALIPLUS. ALIPLUS. The important production that we know with Aliplus requires attention to minerals.

Preparation of aliplused cereals

Aliplus is simple to set up and easy to use. For the preparation of aliplused cereals, locally available cereals (wheat, barley oats, grain corn (wet or dry), triticale, rye, spelled, peas, meshes, or cereal co-products …) are finely ground or flattened then mixed with the Aliplus (1 tonne of ground cereals per bag (22kg) of Aliplus), the water is balanced for a humidity level of approximately 23%. It’s ready to store!

PLEASE NOTE: aliplusées cereals can be prepared by your own means or be treated on the farm by an external service provider.

The Aliplus is available in 22kg bags (A bag per tonne of cereals to be aliplused, in pallets of 50 bags for 50 tonnes of cereals to be aliplused, and in 1100kg big bags for 50 tonnes of cereals to be aliplused. You can process your cereals yourself, or France Aliplus (in France) puts you in contact with reliable providers. (Out France) France Aliplus will help to find the easiest solution.

Storage of aliplused cereals

Time before distribution: 14 days, (necessary maturation time for the aliplused cereals). Storage / conservation of Aliplused cereals: Aliplused cereals can be prepared for several months, and even a year in advance. They are stored under buildings without tarpaulin *. You then draw from the pile of Aliplused cereals for your rations for all your ruminants.

PLEASE NOTE: After 2 years of testing, we can see the possibility of storing the aliplused cereals outside * not covered without loss of quality. They can be used as a protective cover for silage

In the expanded cereal, certain natural processes take place. In order to allow the total maturation of the mixture to take place, it is essential to let the mixture work for 14 days before distribution to the animals. We recommend a food transition of classic ration is 10 days (not essential but recommended).

Preparation of aliplused cereals rations

At the start of the concept in your farm, the Aliplus breeders advise you to optimize your ration. Depending on your production and local availability, they will consist of: Aliplusés cereals (from 4kg and up to 15kg and more), and may contain silage (corn, corn on the cob, grass, alfalfa, etc.). The fibrosity will be managed conventionally with coarse fodder (straw or hay). It will be necessary to adapt the CMV supplements by taking advice from France Aliplus. Your Aliplus ration is suitable for all your ruminants: calves from 30 days old, heifers, dairy, sucklers, wolves, JB, cull cows etc …

You will be able to distribute the same rations in quantities adapted to all your animals. Preparation of the rations: in a mixing bowl or by your other usual means. Mix all the inputs homogeneously (take advice from the France Aliplus breeders). The fiber can be mixed all or part of the ration or else separately.

Distribution aliplused cereals based rations

Distribution of rations: by mixing bowl or by your other usual means. Mix everything together evenly. Given the high productivity otained in milk and fattening with the Aliplus concept It will be necessary to adapt the CMV supplements by taking advice from France Aliplus

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your type of ration, production, and means of distribution, you can distribute to your animals up to once a week (dry ration) thus saving on labor and hardship, or as needed daily (wet ration) ).

The aliplused cereal is the dream food of all rumens. Its nutritional values are high and perfectly balanced (UF, PDIN, PDIE). Through its prebiotic qualities, it becomes the support for the development of rumen flora and fauna which constitutes the best, healthiest and most natural feed for ruminants.

Complete instructions for use (click to view)

DIRECTIONS: Mix a dose of Aliplus homogeneously with good quality ground cereals or protein crops conforming to animal nutrition (wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats, spelled, corn, peas, field beans, vesse, sorghum, mixture of several cereals …) . The dose of Aliplus is 22kg per tonne. The final mixture should be 24% moisture for straw cereals (wheat, barley, rye, triticale), 20% for protein crops and 25 to 35% for grain corn. Corn on the cob can also be mixed. Storage is carried out in a flat pile on clean, dry ground without tarpaulin if it is under a building. A tarp is needed only outside to protect from the rain and also for the specific case of corn on the cob which needs to be covered. Let the pile mature for 15 days before distributing it as animal feed. FRANCE ALIPLUS will not be held responsible for failure to follow these instructions for use.

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