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Aliplus is a nutrition solution created by breeders for breeders. No salespeople, a development mostly done by word of mouth between breeders. Discover the testimonials of breeders using the Aliplus concept, butchers, consumers and contact us for more information and to find an Aliplus breeder near your farm …

Testimonials (breeders, merchants, butchers, gourmets)

David, Montbéliarde dairy farmer

“With Aliplus: stable average of 34.7k. Everything is going very well, the most astounding are the results on health and reproduction, with only 250 grams of soya meal. We no longer see the veto, we and have never had such a low production cost ”

Thierry, Charolais & PH bull breeder

“Aliplus saved my fattening business, otherwise I would have quit! Today I am increasing my production, the fattening time drops by 40 days, and I am fattening 70 more young bulls this year for the same number of places. The banker, the accountant can’t get over it! “

Pascal, dairy farmer, Montbéliard & Simmental

Ration: corn & grass silage, wheat / barley / corn Alipulsés and pasture. “Production, health, the cows are doing very well, we spent the whole spring without cake with a production of over 30kg. This year we have fattened Simmental bulls slaughtered at the age of 15 months with a very simple ration: mixture of Alipulsed cereals with mineral at will in the trough and hay at will “

Ludovic, cattle breeder, Dairy cows

“Before we had big problems with our cereals, we tried to produce by concentrating the ration, and each time we put the herd in acidosis. Today we are at more than 4kg of Aliplused wheat, it holds the cows, it makes milk, they keep the condition, we are very satisfied, we continue! ”

Benoît, Charolais breeder, Breeder and Fertilizer

“My animal dealer sold animal carcasses made at the Aliplus to one of his butchers. The butcher called him a few days later to say, ‘Customers are calling me to ask where this new meat comes from because it is much better than before.’

Hervé, Charolais lactating breeder & fattening

“With Aliplus, the slaughterhouses see that we bring carcasses in line with the market. We have carcasses which put muscle in the back and which do not put on fat, they are as good or even better than those made from processed food, and the cost is much lower for the breeder “

Arnaud, Charolais breeder, breeders & fattening

“Ce qui nous a fait passer à l’Aliplus, c’est le coût d’alimentation. From the 1st year we saved € 12,000 and again with the drought, we had to buy cereals that we did not produce, even with these additional purchases, we saved € 12,000 in food. The accountant, the first question he asked me: how did we save € 12,000 in power supply by producing more GBUs?

Régis, dairy goat breeder

“I have switched to a 100% Aliplus wet corn ration, my production remains at a high level and the rates are increasing. The curd is smooth, not grainy, good drying, and the cheeses are delicious! ”

Alex, Allier (03) Breeder Charolais, Breeder Fattener

“My pet dealer didn’t want to hear from Aliplus. Once I gave him a piece of Aliplus meat to taste and see the quality of our meat. He recognized the difference and today he is only looking for meat in Aliplus for its superior quality. he only buys that “

Gérard, Charolais cattle breeder-fattener

“I have been making Aliplus for more than 3 years, for meat, my animal dealer pays me 3 to 5 cents more per kg of carcass compared to the price set at the time of sale. He does that, including now because the quality of meat from animals raised at the Aliplus suits the merchant and his slaughterhouses ”

Jérôme, Breeder, Breeder Charolais

“I have been at the Aliplus for 4 years on the regrowth of wattles, always great results, but this is exceptional! An Aliplus fattened cull bull (triticale, barley, weight, aliplusés): 950.4kg of carcass classified in E = 2 a magnificent result!

Nicolas coop technician

“We had very good results on YB in the breedings that I am who make Aliplus. It is encouraging to try to keep fatteners in our region ”.

Sebastien breeder & dairy processor

“Aliplus fits well with our philosophy of living soils, autonomy, independence, circular production from the ground to the plate. Aliplus is good for our production but it is perfect for our consumer customers ”.

Yanick breeder Prim'Holstein

“I had big problems with my calves which all got diarrhea between 5 and 7 days old. I used Aliplantes with success and so I tried Aliplus afterwards and never stopped. I was one of those who tested Ombipur and I use it on all my calves before the navel gets dirty ”.

Antoine breeder Charolais & sheep

“I no longer have a belly button problem since I started giving Aliplantes start-up and Ombipur. I started Aliplus this year on grass, YB and lambs. Next year the ewes and suckler cows will have them too. I will not buy any more food

Nicolas Limousin breeder

Limousin breeder breeder fattener. Fattening of dairy and crossbred YBs. “We have been using Aliplus for 5 years, this year we made a 2700 tonne pile of an Aliplus corn / triticale mixture in one go, with part inside and part outside. Our stock is made for the whole year and with our wrapping, straw and silage corn we are autonomous. There are a lot of people who followed us around the area because they came to see and saw the results

Quentin sheep breeder

“We have been giving Aliplus for several years and we are very happy. Two years ago our fertilizer merchant made us believe he had such a product, we tried and we couldn’t finish our lambs. By wanting to save saving around € 150 over the year we lost nearly € 3,000. We quickly returned to Aliplus ”.

Vincent breeder Prim'Holstein

“This year I have covered my corn and sorghum silage with Aliplused cereals. So I no longer put plastic sheeting and no need to uncover the silo. The natural cover is eaten with the mixture. It’s great I can show that to people because some will not believe me! Thank you Aliplus ”

Peter Breeder in Blondes

“I make all my wet corn in Aliplus. I no longer have any drying, transport or reduction costs and I keep my corn. It keeps very well even that of last year which was at 36% humidity. I also make my wheat which this year made 17.6 of protein. ”

Vincent Dr of cooperative

“We have seen the good technical and economic results in breeding as well as the quality of the carcasses with the Aliplus concept, we highly recommend it to our members and to others from elsewhere! We still have to try to sell this quality better ”.

David Limousins breeder

“My butcher told me that my animals were not sinking at all and that he had gained in yield”

Francis breeder Montbéliard & PH

“Since Aliplus I have fewer cells and very, very few mastitis. My urea level in my milk is low. My veto wanted to look at the level of urea in the blood which was normal or even low which is very good he told me ”

Didier breeder Prim'Holstein

“I have been using Aliplus for 4 years and I no longer know what it is to take a cow’s foot off the ground and yet it produces. I’ve never known that before ”.

Franck breeder Prim'Holstein

“With Aliplus I saved 80 centimes per day and per cow and that for the cows in production, I do not count the calves, the heifers and the dry ones. I also throw away less milk because much less mastitis, fewer cells ”.

Christian Fertilizer

“The Italian merchant who buys animals from me told me that he only wanted mine since they were at Aliplus. And I have pegs who have come to visit to understand this quality. Because they observe very good things whereas they had been told the opposite “.

Francois Boucher

“Meat well marbled, marbled and tender. It does not run, and is easily preserved. She matures well ”.

Video testimonials (breeders, merchants, butchers, gourmets)

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Blond d'Aquitaine breeder

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A gourmet talks about meat in Aliplus

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Butcher Dr cutting workshop

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Dairy farmer in Montbéliardes

6 breeders testify on Aliplus

Breastfeeding limousine breeder

Meat lover from Chez Sam restaurant

Video testimonials (breeders, merchants, butchers, gourmets)

Denis dairy farmer

“With Aliplus, we saved 53 tonnes of meal (before we needed 93 tonnes…) do the math!”

Thibaud, dairy farmer

“On the farm all the animals have it (from the Aliplus), both the dairy producing and the small heifers, it’s a concept that makes our life easier and that works! We are convinced and we would like to go faster! ”

Pierre Breastfeeding Breeder

“We provide quality meat to our butcher shops and breweries in Paris, we have excellent feedback on the quality of the meat, with demanding consumers, we have no room for mistakes, customers give us a great confidence. We are not about to change! we also use the Aliplantes starter and we don’t know what it is to look after a calf! ”

Lilian dairy farmer

“For our Prim’Holstein cows, we have a single ration with 4kg of aliplus cereal, no production VL, they produce 34 L on average with extraordinary rates. We see it on animal health and also on milk pay! It is an extraordinary experience, one to repeat without hesitation, it is both surprising and encouraging! “

Bruno, dairy farmer

“You hear about Aliplus saying, ‘Is that amazing?’ but everyone would do it if it were true! So I looked up and tried it on my farm, and indeed it is amazing! It is a different system than the one we know, we tackle dogmas. This is the end of a cycle in the agricultural world, we have to find solutions and Aliplus is one of them! “

Hélène, dairy farmer

“I can confirm that everything is working, user since the beginning of Aliplus. I regain autonomy, it’s simple and secure, especially for high-level light vehicles “

Antoine dairy farmer

“We have been using Aliplus on the farm for 6 years, with amazing results on both fertility and legs”

Rémy, lactating breeder

“Aliplus is above all an economic reflection, we recover a financial balance on our farm. We took advantage of this change to find other outlets to promote our Limousin meat, today we sell our meat in local convenience stores where we have direct feedback from customers “

Alexandre dairy farmer (Belgium)

“The vet came over to visit us the other day, and he asked me what I was doing with my animals because he didn’t have a job with us anymore!”

Thiphaine, breeder

“The first time we saw aliplus on the farms, we took samples of the grain because we couldn’t believe it! Today we are convinced. It is a safety for concentrating the rations. The animals are calm, they are brooding, they are in great health ”

Vincent breeder

Aliplus plays a role in all positions, sanitary, food autonomy, production, milk quality etc. essential with us, the great results on reproduction, we do embryo collections with more than 90% adhesion, and donors who produce between 10 and 12 viable embryos per collection “I have been at the Aliplus for 4 years on the regrowth of wattles, always great results, but this is exceptional! An Aliplus fattened cull bull (triticale, barley, weight, aliplusés): 950.4kg of carcass classified in E = 2 a magnificent result! ”

Anthony breeder

“Basically we were looking for an economical solution to prepare our breeding animals for the shows, it turns out that Aliplus has given us much more than that, autonomy, economy, simplicity, security. Today, we promote all our animals in supermarkets and direct sales, on both sides, butchers and consumers are surprised by this quality of marbled, tender, tasty meat, they ask for more! “

Samuel breeder

“We have 2 objectives, to ensure a regular quality of meat with the consumer and to perpetuate the fattening workshops, and Aliplus perfectly meets these two objectives”

Serge breeder fattening cattle

“We spend more than 80% of our animals in direct sales and in butcher’s shop, we have very good meat yields, the meat holds up really well, we attach a lot of importance to the quality of the meat”

Franck lactating breeder

“Since using Aliplus on the fattening, we have gained 26.3 days of fattening on 70 Blond d’Aquitaine bulls, on the cows we gain 1 month of fattening with a better finish and we even see the impact on litter, drier, so less straw is used. We even had the manure analyzed with values that were multiplied by 2! ”

Xavier breeder breeder fattener

“In Blonde d’Aquitaine, we work directly with a butcher, so meat quality is our main concern, and our butcher is delighted with the meat, more marbled, very beautiful color and above all an average net meat yield of 83%. ! ”

TOP Results Aliplus in some figures

In beef cattle

ADG up to 4kg in Charolais

Great results in terms of quality and quantity of meat. In aliplused cereals at will nutrition, we obtain top ADGs even with “0 soya cake”. The fattening times are reduced by 25 to 50 days

At fattening

ADG up to 3kg in Prim Holstein

We also see a gain in classification, weight and carcass quality as well as carcass yield. The quality, parsley and marbling of the meats are remarkable

Dairy cows

Milk up to 42kg in Prim Holstein

Exceptional performance: increase in current rates (TP 34, TB 41), and TP TB up to 37 and to 48. Increase of milk production with reduction or suppression of cakes.

Milk production

Up to 34kg with Zero soya cake

In milk, we see the decrease in feed costs, the decrease in cells and common pathologies. Health and veterinary costs drops down significantly

User farms

400,000 Animals / day

Aliplus is specifically designed for ruminants and is suitable for cattle of all breeds, sheep, goats and more… 400,000 animals eat it every day

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