Aliplus is easy to implement & easy to use.
The breeders Aliplus guides you from A to Z

The use of Aliplus is simple and secured. The breeders of France Aliplus will drive you for free for the best results in your breeding. Aliplus is very quickly available everywhere in France (elswhere in Europe, consult France Aliplus).

Our packagings are planned to simplify and secure work of the breeder. It helps breeders to run successfully their nutri-revolution and obtain high results in profitability, and in quantity and quality of production…


The concept Aliplus
brings a simplification
and a reassurance
for 100% of the users…

The breeders Aliplus will help you for the use of the concept for a good success in your breeding (composition, optimization of the rations, the distribution).

The use of Aliplus is simple, flexible, effective and very profitable for all the types of production. Aliplus generates a “high-quality” feed. The feed cost is really lower than the classic feed.

The method Aliplus allows to concentrate the rations without risk of acidose…

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Preparation of “Aliplused cereals”
Storage and preservation of “Aliplused cereals”

Aliplus is simple to make and simple to use from the processing of Aliplused cereals to storage and preservation
Preparation of Aliplused cereal:
Depending the availability on your farm or around, all the cereal can be used in the system Aliplus (wheat, barley, triticqle, rye, oat, dry corn or wet corn, spelt, pea) all the coproduced with some starch can be used (sound) Mixture of 1 bag of Aliplus (22 kg) for 1 ton of crushed cereal + 120 liters of water. Mix during 20mm.
Storage and preservation: on a paving stone without covering. Possibility of dealing for complete year…

Deadline before distribution: 14 days of maturation of the mixture

Transition: traditional transition for ruminants , on 10 days

Tools usable for the manufacturing of Aliplus: crusher, mixer, combined tools.



Preparation of the rations Aliplus
Distribution of the rations Aliplus

Rations Aliplus, all ruminants, any production:
Initially, the breeder Aliplus will advise you for free, for the elaboration of your rations. During your utilization, you’ll be able to speak with Aliplus breeders to make adjustments  if needed. These rations will consist from 4 to 15 kg of cereal Aliplus and usual components (hay, silage……).
Importance of the fiber of the ration.
Importance of the mineralization of animals.
With the same mixture of handled cereal, you can develop the rations of all your herd…

Preparation of rations: in mixing bowl or by your other usual means. Mix the whole of the inputs in a homogeneous way (take advice from the breeders France Aliplus). The fiber may be mixed in whole or in part with the ration or separately.

Distribution of rations: by mixing bowl or by your other usual means. Mix the mixture homogeneously. Depending on your type of ration, production, and means, you will be able to distribute to your animals up to once a week (dry ration) saving labor and difficulty, or if necessary on a daily basis (wet ration).



Availability and packaging of Aliplus

of 22 kg bag.
1 bag of 22 kg
per 1 ton of cereals.

Products are conditioned to simplify the work of the breeder. 1 bag of 22 kg for 1 ton of cereals. Products are available at France Aliplus and in points relay in France (for elsewhere in Europe, please contact us).

We make deliveries every day in all France. To reduce the transportation costs, possibility of grouping the deliveries.

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packaging in pallets
of 45 bags of 22 kg
1 pallet = 45 tons
of cereal to process.

Always of the logic of simplicity and safety, the palettes of 45 bags of 22 kg is planned for the treatment of 45 tons of cereal.
Pallets are available to France Aliplus and in points relay in France ( for elsewhere in Europe, please contact us).

We send every day in all France. You can group your orders to make more savings. Contact France Aliplus to organize your transport…

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in bigbag of 1100 kg
1 bigbag for 50 tons
of cereal to process..

The packaging bigbag of 1100 kg is planned to realize 50 tons of mixture. The price list bigbag is slightly cheaper.

Bigbag is available at France Aliplus but also in points relay in France (for elsewhere in Europe please contact us). Delivery every day in all France. You can optimize the price of transport by grouping your orders.

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of ready for use
Aliplused cereals.
For direct use
in your rations.

Aliplused cereals ready to use is a very simple and ideal solution for the exploitations which do not arrange cereal. France Aliplus realize custom-made mixtures. This method keeps all the advantages of the concept Aliplus.

Possibility to deliver everywhere in France, for elsewhere in Europe, please contact France Aliplus.

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A machine
Aliplus comes
to handle cereals
directly at your home.

This solution is adapted to the breedings which do not possess the necessary tools to realize the treatment Aliplus (crusher, mixer, …..)

Aliplus developed company everywhere in France…

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