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A new profitability
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Aliplus brings out a new profitability and a hope for breeding. Aliplus is a real nutri-revolution. Forget what you thought you know about the nutrition of the ruminants and discover now all the multiples advantages of Aliplus:

– Easy to start and run – Productivity gains – Lower food costs – Health and well-being for animals. All these arguments are true and sincere It is breeders’ words which testify of their experience. Come to meet and listen to those breeders Aliplus users …

Conseil et information France Aliplus

The functioning of Aliplus

Aliplus is a nutri-revolutionary technique : outside traditional systems and without any equivalent Aliplus is a unique and matchles French nutritional concept. This concept was invented by breeders for breeders and tested successfully in pilots breedings for tow years :  “the resultant are stunning” Aliplus is a bio-inspired, unique in the world formula. Compound of 14 ingredients working in synergy to optimize the whole ration and functioning of the rumen


The 14 components of Aliplus bring multiple effects in the ration and in the rumen. Partial hydrolysis of the starch and d ela cellulose, rise of the pH of cereals, probiotic effects in the ration and in the rumen, balance of the flora ruminale, production of amino acids necessary for the protein of the milk and the meat, the nutriments miscellaneous, effect buffer (stamp), contributions of antioxidants.

Main profits of the Aliplus formula effects: – effects buffer multiple, drastic reduction in acidosis – stability of the rumen – feed and supply of the bacteria of the rumenThis ruminal balance allows profits in chain:

=> Food efficiency => fall with the wasting => increased production => better margins (see further precisions) …

Optimisator of cereals and of the whole ration: Aliplus is mixed in crushed cereal produced in the farm or bought nearby. By a natural process (plants, tannin, trace elements, ….), Aliplus is going to modify the structure (digestibility, pH, specific nutriments) of the feed components. Of others interest are also going to appear (anti-mycotoxin, conservative ….).


Aliplus optimisator of the rumen : With its bio-inspired formula, Aliplus is an optimisator of the rumen and the metabolism of the ruminant. The method of rationing is based on the nutrition of the rumen nutrition by Rumen®. This ration brings and generates in the rumen, the best available nutriments (amino acids, vitamins …)The effects of this nutrition are many and very positive.

Nutrition By-Rumen: the concept Aliplus is inspired by the functioning of the rumen Its principle increases natural abilities, and biological capacity of the rumen and weelbeeing of the ruminant.

=> improved general state => optimized quality and quantity production => reduction of production and secondary costs => increased profitability …

Simple, concentrated and secure rations: Aliplus gives remarkable technical results onto every type of ration (dry or TMR). The big simplicity and safety of the concept allows a very important use of cereal without risk of acidosis. Aliplus allows to distribute in diary ration 5 to 10 kg (milk cattle) and up to 15 kg (cattle meat) of Aliplus processed cereals without any problem of acidosis. The simplicity of the concept Aliplus allows savings of work, of food without technical risks…


A classic “dairy cow” ration (without Aliplus) will integrate 3 kg of cakes or more. To manage the problems of acidosis, it will be necessary to use expensive nutritional products. In the Aliplus concept, we reduce very strongly the use of cakes and we eliminate all the additional nutritional products. A single imperative = not to forget to mineralize well animals to cover well needs. The simplicity of the Aliplus rations and their efficiency permit to use the same formula for several productions. This simplicity brings a reduction of the workforce and time spent …

Aliplus is a very simple and profitable concept for all the breeders: The ration can consist of dry local products (cereal, lens, sound). The ration can also contain wet raw materials (silages). The fiber is managed by the contribution of straw and hay. The ration Aliplus suits to all the ruminants (fattening, dairy production). This ration can be also used for the period of weaning …

schm-misenoeuvreAvailability and packaging Aliplus – In 22kg bags (1 bag / ton of cereal) / In pallets of 45 bags (1 pallet for 45 tons of cereal) – In bigbags of 1100kg (1 bb for 50 tons of cereal). Also available ready to use Aliplused cereals: Composition of the processed mixture at your convenience. Service of grinding / mixture: Mobile manufacturing units (consult us to know the availability).
Aliplused cereals: easy preparation and storage: Aliplused cereals mix can use different inputs (cereals and cereal by-products and other raw materials rich in starch or cellulose) Cereals – beforehand crushed or flattened – are mixed with Aliplus (at the rate of one 22kg bag of Aliplus per ton of cereal) with a final desired moisture content of 23%.
Storage / conservation: Aliplused cereals can be prepared for several months and even for a year of needs. Aliplused cereals are stored easily under a building without tarpaulin. You then dig into your stock of Aliplused cereals to prepare your ruminant rations. Delay before distribution: 14 days, (curing time required for Aliplus mixed cereals).
Nutritional transition: transition from conventional ration to 10 days (not indispensable but recommended).
Distribution: by your usual means (mixing bowl, bucket, feeder, DAC, other …).


Usable equipment to realize the mixture Aliplus: – Crusher + mixing bowl – Mobile unit typifies = FAF AliMIx (14 tons / hour) – Unit with fixed post = FAF Alifloc (800 kg / hour) – Mobile unit TOY (> 20 tons / hour). See on-site photos.

The stunning advantages of Aliplus

With Aliplus, you value your cereal (or local cereal) : You produce a feed with a very high feed value. You produce for a discounted price. The feed produced with Aliplus brings you other advantages: productivity, health of animals. The synergic formula of Aliplus (prebiotic and probiotic, increase of the pH, hydrolysis of the starch and the cellulose) authorizes you a high protein concentration in complete safety. Use at the rate of 4 in 15 kg of cereal factoryed with no problem at all with acidosis. With Aliplus, you produce more and cheaper. Aliplus allows to approach the protein autonomy of the breeding


1/ Reduction and even abolition of external protein contributions: Imported proteins are expensive. The speculation on these products does not allow to make long-term forecastsTheir industrial processing and the transport on thousands of kilometers is not very “ecological”. With the concept Aliplus, you reduce very strongly the purchase of proteins.
2/ Valuation of your cereal (or cereal bought locally)Wheat, triticale barley, rye and corn are produced everywhere in France (and often close to breedings). The feed values are correct. The content in protein is rather regular. With the method Aliplus, the breeders can reach the protein autonomy.
3/ the feed produced with Aliplus is upper upscale (energy and protein)Furthermore, this food contains other advantage (Health, state general, reproduction, production). The food becomes then incomparable!

The formulation Aliplus allows to concentrate rations rich in low cost proteins. The bio-inspired formulation generates other major effects on the metabolism of the animal and on the production: – Probiotic effects in the ration and in the rumen – Effects salivation / rumination – Increase of the flora ruminale – Effect on the satisfaction of animals (reduction of the ingestion) The formulation Aliplus improves the production of all the necessary amino acids… 
schm-qualitproductionThe method Aliplus means: – Reduction in production costs. – Increasing of the production.
Fattening of bovine: – up to GMQ of 2,8 kg / day. – Reduction of the duration of fattening from 30 to 40 days. – Increase of the weights of 30 kg carcasses. – Improvement of the classification of the carcass of 1/3 of class.
Production of milk: – Increase of the production. – Increase of the rates TP and TB. – Improvement of the results of reproduction. – Extension of the career of animals

Aliplus also impacts the products quality. With Aliplus, the animal is beautiful, presents an attractive hair. The animal is very quiet = metabolism optimal. The genetic value is better valued. The professionals of the meat (slaughterhouse, butcher) notices a changement on the animal and on the carcass. Butchers, cheese makers and consumers notices a positive change in the taste of the meat or cheese. The meat has a finer taste, the fat is low but very gustative Cheeses present a smoother, smoother dough The flavor of products is very appreciated…

Aliplus is BIO-INSPIRED and wall lamp the principle of the nutrition BY-RUMEN. Aliplus uses the digestive capacity of the ruminants to optimize their metabolism. This method confirms the good results on the health of animals and the good results of reproduction. This method explains the cost reducing of production (veterinary, purchase of nutritional). The concept Aliplus eliminates the acidosis and all the metabolic diseases connected to this disease. Cereal ALIPLUSED is highly valuable and becomes the support of the development of the flora of the rumen. The animal uses all of nutriments in the ration but also all of nutrtiments made in the rumen…schm-etatsanitaireWith Aliplus, find important economic margins : – Valuation of cereal of the farm. – Purchase of local cereal (cheaper). – Reduction or abolition of the purchase of vegetable proteins. – Simplification of the work of the breeder. – Well-being of animals. – Technical better results.

=> Better quality of products = lowers(dims) loads(responsibilities) + increase of productivity = increase of the margins…

With Aliplus, find important economic margins : – Valuation of cereal of the farm. – Purchase of local cereal (cheaper). – Reduction or abolition of the purchase of vegetable proteins. – Simplification of the work of the breeder. – Well-being of animals. – Technical better results.

=> Better quality of products = lowers(dims) loads(responsibilities) + increase of productivity = increase of the margins…

Fall with cost / Profitability: Aliplus of the reductions but also increases. With the nutrition Aliplus, many cost fall (feed cost, veterinary cost…). With the nutrition Aliplus, the production increases in a very significant way (production of meat, production of milk).
Production of meat = reduction of the duration of fattening, increase of the GMQ, the reduction in the IC…
Production of milk = good production, obstinacy of production, improvement of the criteria of reproduction)…
Thanks to a good valuation of the energy of the ration, the career of cows increases and the valuation of the reform becomes profitable
With Aliplus, the quality also increases
All the professionals of the chain recognize it: better quality of the vainde, better valuation of the milk….The consumers also make positive remarks on gustative qualities of products. With Aliplus, it is all the production and valuation line which gets better!


First of all, we are passionate breeders who defend a know how and a business. We are not feed sellers. With France Aliplus, the breeder finds a rentability and a profitability. This work comes true most naturally possible with a respect for the animal well-being. Our development comes true by word of mouth, from breeders to breeders. 

The France Aliplus team is fascinated by breeding and brings you advice on our products. All the products are tested in breeding before being proposed to the breeders for its real efficiency, reliability and profitability.  

Numerous ways are available to discover Aliplus, AliMaya and Aliplantes. France Aliplus proposes you a simulation adapted to your breeding:

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